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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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in monday night senator marco rubio will be my guest for the hour. monday at 10:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. how could the white house mock prime minister netanyahu and did it on twitter. picture showing a cartoonist with a bomb complete with a red line look familiar? the obama administration obviously mocking prime minister netanyahu's 2012 speech to the u.n. general assembly where he used a is he similar diagram to send a warning about nuclear iran. representative lee zeldin joins us. good evening sir. >> hi, greta. >> to me, i just don't get this. how you juvenile to take a swipe at an ally who is obviously very worried about his neighbor and for good reasons because the former president said they wanted to wipe israel off the map and then make fun of him.
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this white house tweet is a desperate attempt to try to make lemonade out of uranium. he is talking about a nuclear deal that doesn't even get exist. the president lost i think when prime minister won last month's election. it's unfortunate that he is acting like a school yard bully here in this cases the consequences is that the prime minister is going to lose his lunch. the iranians end up with a nuclear weapon. the next president of the united states is going to lose lenk specially getting knee capped before he or she takes office. >> obviously there is a lot of disagreement on the framework and i get that. but we're really talking about something so important it could change the course of history in a very bad way. when we are hungry for leadership. somebody rise to the level of nobility to lead us out of thisgot him
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playing like a child on twitter or at least his allies and not particularly new. he has had other people in the white house do other cheap shots at him. it's astounding to me at such an important time in history this is what the white house is doing? with regard to the fact there isn't even an agreement and this tweet is acting as if there. last week the president released a fact sheet yet the iranian foreign minister within 24 hours refuting the contents of calling it "just spin." the president has already made too many concessions. the iranians are going to be allowed to keep their nuclear facilities continue to spin centrifuges and enrich uranium and don't include the development of icms the state sponsorship of terrorism. >> can we let the president off the hook and say this was just someone on his staff that did this and if so should the president be looking to see who is doing this? because, remember, last fall
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one of the senior officials said about prime minister netanyahu that he was a chicken explicative and i might point out that prime minister netanyahu served in the special forces in israel and seen combat. does prime minister need to look to see to try to sort of restore some sort of nobility and leadership within the white house? i don't think that's his mission. as i mentioned he is holding a grudge he has met his match with the prime minister as you mentioned this is special forces veteran. the prime minister fought in combat on multiple fronts. he was wounded in the process. he is not scared of some name-calling. he is not scared of the white house twitter feed. what he is scared of is iran having a nuclear weapon. this is a country that is a state sponsor of terrorism working to overthrow foreign governments. threatening to erase israel from the map. looking to it -- i mean they are blowing up mock u.s. warships in exercises. isn't it strange while the entire free world is
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exercising and venting with our deep concerns about these iranian talks that the iranians are literally dancing in the streets. the president has voluntarily relinquished his upper hand at the negotiating table and the iranians know that prime minister is desperate to cut a deal. >> i don't think he is desperate. how you can possibly if you can't even show leadership within your own country how do you expect to show leadership to the rest of the world? i don't know but but i'm embarrassed by this last thing. i assume it wasn't the president himself. at least i hope he didn't do this tweeting. i would certainly hope on such an important topic that we begin to stop being cheap and petty and childish and actually along at the seriousness of the problem. anyway, congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> and today's white house tweet just the latest sign that president obama doesn't like prime minister netanyahu and doesn't like that prime minister netanyahu would disagree with him over this iran nuclear deal. >> this is a ba -- bad deal. it's a very bad deal. >> it's a good deal.
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a deal that meets our core objectives. >> it's no secret the president wanted to see the prime minister lose, wanted to see him weakened. >> i think it's a personal grudge and i think it's rotten. >> in the oval office they have had very frosty meetings before and it's clearly getting frostier. >> it's been shameful the way we have treated the best ally we have. >> we have been stead fast in the defense of israel. >> this deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world and would threaten the very survival of the state of israel. >> and joining us our political panel abc political director rick klein and "weekly standard" steve hayes. steve, i don't think if i were president obama in the white house i wouldn't be mocking the prime minister because i will tell you i went through a list of things i would come back on the president for, it's a long list. >> i think what we are seeing here from the white house is both a lack of seriousness and a lack of
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competence. i think we will look back historically, historians will look at this moment and seem totally out of progressive. you are -- perspective. nuke already weapon even the president concedes is possible at the end of this deal. many other people think it's possible much sooner and yet the president the is picking these school yard fights with our greatest ally in the region whether it's this silly tweet or calling him names or whether it's a concerted white house campaign. >> liar liar with sarkozy. >> liar with sarkozy. taking shots at netanyahu at the same time that, i think the rest of the western world would like to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon just doesn't make any sense. you know, he we will look back on this moment and it will seem so small and so petty what the white house is doing in the context of this. >> it will look even worse when iran has had a nuke. >> i don't know. i was scalpeddized when i saw this because it's just not new. i'm thinking this is such an important time in history
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and they are doing this creepy trashy social media let's say something nasty about an ally? >> yeah bad clip art. and the idea that it's gotten to this point is rather extraordinary. and in looking forward, i don't know exactly what it gets the white house to be picking this fight. clearly they have to hold the line with congress. that's what this is aimed at. this is a big pr push to try to sell a deal that really isn't a deal yet and to keep congress from intervening and scuttling it. what does this actually get? that's the question. undermining it in yahoo and undermining it in yahoo. it's not clear what you get by going out there and making a very bad tense relationship even worse. >> you know, lots of times you hear about presidents are worried about their legacies. i would at least if i were president think i would like to walk out the door having been noble and trying to rise above all the diflts. realizing that allies have different views on different topics. this is like nothing like that. it's like he doesn't care. >> if he gets iran deal that's a piece of the legacy. there are big questions around that and a lot of
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concerns. everyone agrees here. no one wants iran to get a nuclear weapon' which what makes the pettiness of the fight which makes it silly in retrospect. not like you question people's motives here. legitimate disagreements about the best path forward hard time holding back congress. whole range of democrats equally concerned about this. >> has prime minister netanyahu done this. >> has he done? >> have they done the cheap shots back at president obama? >> no not in any way that the white house we have seen the white house do it. one of the possible explanations for this is that the white house is feeling intense pressure on this. you are seeing the. >> intense pressure that they have to be so cheap and cheesy and be like, you know children instead of being leaders, representing the americans and making us proud and realizing we may have differences but at least we are not going to be. >> frankly that ship has sailed a long time ago. i'm not expecting that from this white house. the reason they are
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attacking netanyahu in this way is he has proven to be a very effective critic of what the white house is trying to do. as you look at just today at the news today from the supreme leader, it's like the white house has been punked on this iran deal. you look at the iranians walking away from what the deal the white house presented on sanctions walking away from what the white house presented on inspections saying that was false, that it never happened that way? the white house has to be feeling pressure. you are seeing mounting pressure against this deal in congress i think that explains a lot of this behavior. >> i don't think it's netanyahu. i think it's iran. >> it's going to be iran whether you trust them or not and whether they follow through the commitments that were made. the supreme leader gets the vote here. is he going to be on board on this. this could be part of the posturing. i don't discount that on both sides. a lot of the public statements have to do with that not a positive sign to ink something and have this
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talk coming out of iran that suggests that it's going to be as difficult as it is. >> in a rational world what we saw from supreme leader today would sink this deal. the white house looks so bad in retrospect on this that it would sink this deal. >> panel, thank you. now to more trouble for the obama administration nuclear pram work today as just noted iran's top leaders insisting north asking you about insisting any final deal must include the lifting of all of sanctions immediately, not later not phased out but immediately. so is iran already going back on its word? fox news white house correspondent traveling with president obama. he joins us live from panama city panama. kevin? >> hey, greta. let me make it really easy for everybody watching at home. at one time the white house wants a deal for history sake. they want to say that we have done something completely different and counter intuitive to the way previous administrations have handled the iranian regime. the iranians actually do want a deal because the dollars that would flow, in if not for international sanctions could really be a
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game changer for the regime at home. the real problem is, as you pointed out, is this sort of saving face. you heard your guest earlier talking about the political saber rattling if you will. trying to save face at home by saying no deal will happen unless the sanctions are lifted immediately. well, i want to share with your viewers a couple of guys that they need to keep in mind as this sort of plays out over the days, months and even perhaps years to cock come. one of them is a senator from the state of tennessee. bob corker, a chairman of the former relations committee. is he now pushing forward with legislation that would really holds the president's feet to the fire. it would make it impossible for the administration to do any deal without congressional approval and it would also limit the sanctions that the president could then lift on the iranian people. the other gentleman is mark kirk, a senator from illinois. keep him in mind as well because he already has down the line legislation that would make it even tougher on iranians. in fact it would add new sanctions if a feel falls
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apart. greta clearly there are a number of interests on the hill and internationally that are looking at this deal very carefully right now it looks like the iranians are saying without lifting all the sanctions right away we are not going to play ball. that could scuttle the deal for. >> everybody kevin, there was also a report that the iran is saying that the military would be strictly off limits for foreign inspections. so it looks like even sort of unfettered inspections we wouldn't get that. >> well, you said it perfectly. keep this in mind, too. you have heard about the iaea, right, the international energy atomic energy agency. without them being able to actually get in there, greta, and take a close look at what's happening you don't know what they are doing. we have already seen on many occasions that the iranian regime has simply not been forthcoming. i'm being generous in saying that way in dealing with the international community as it reels relates to the nuclear ambitions without that aspect as well it's hard to see a pathway forward for any meaningful
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change as it relates to the u.s. and p 5 plus 1 partnership to ever take place. >> kevin, thank you. and today iran's supreme leaders also taking to twitter blasting obama administration's claims about the nuclear deal. iran's leader tweeting: i trust our negotiators but i'm really worried as the other side is in to lying and preached promises. an example is the white house fax -- fact sheet. was president obama had by iran. critics have been warning against the deal from the very beginning. >> this agreement is not only flawed but it's dangerous. >> we cannot rely on the word of iran. >> this deal was not based on trust. >> yank of a worst negotiator for america than barack obama. >> it is based on unprecedented verification. >> there is really no verification that's meaningful. >> the united states creeing ground to a rogue central bank to fares for 35 years
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and on the verge of getting nuclear weapons. >> and representative ron desantas joins us. good evening sir. >> good evening. >> let me get this straight while iran is calling us deceitful, basically liars, devilish is one word in tweet saying that in order to have a deal must lift the sanctions immediately with you but the u.s. says that's not going to happen and saying that the military would be off limits in terms of inspections. and meanwhile the u.s. is insulting our ally picking on prime minister netanyahu on twitter. do we have a deal with iran? >> absolutely not. i hope we don't have a deal along the lines of what the ayatollah wants. what the ayatollah is basically saying is that the united states needs to totally surrender to everything iran wants. i have been very critical of the deal as president obama has explained it because i think that provides essentially legitimizes iran's nuclear program. i don't think the inspections would be effective.
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there would be military sites that would be totally off limits. and then it would sun set in 10 years so it essentially pave iran's path to the bomb. that's howe how the white house understands it the deal will go over like a lead balloon in congress. when you have ayatollah making these comments. come on is this somebody we want to do business with? the sanctions relief that he wants will allow iran to foment all type of mischief throughout the middle east as they are doing now and that's something that's not good for our national security. >> you know what i i think is the biggest deal breaker out of the news today. two is to be one is to lift the sanctions immediately. but the bigger problem is the military sites will be off limits to inspections because, remember what they did when iran did with fodrdo which is the underground enrichment facility we didn't know about for years they tricked us. how could we probably agree that iran could have these you know, spots that we could never check out? >> why do you need under the
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administration's explanation fordo this undergrounded fortified facility would still be able to be running. they would say oh, it's just a nuclear research site. why would you need to have an underground fortified site if you are just conducting academic research? and the president laid down a red line on fordo a year and a half ago. he said they don't need fordo. any final deal has got to get rid of fordo and there it is. >> am i being distracted by this white house tweet insulting prime minister netanyahu or does it have some significance? >> i think it has some significance. for whatever reason, the president does not get along with the prime minister of israel. israel is our best ally in the region. i think you need to get over whatever type of personal animosity you may have for another leader on that level and look at what the interests of our countries are. prime minister netanyahu has a very small country. and this ayatollah says they want to wipe them off the map. so yes he has been very
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involved in this, and he wants to make sure that a bad deal is not agreed to. but you can honestly blame him? and for them to keep trying to needle him i think it's bad for the relationship between our two countries and i definitely don't think it's productive in terms of trying to get congress to see things your way. >> well, i guess i would be much prouder of the administration if they were having conversations with netanyahu directly. any of the disagreements. they may have big disagreements, but the idea that they get so petty and take to social media to insult him. i don't see how that in any way advances anything but makes us look really bad and makes the administration look really bad. >> i concur. it's just not the way to conduct diplomacy. our relationship with israel, with this white house is at really an all-time low. and he think that's just very unfortunate. >> congressman thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> right now extremely dangerous weather is moving across the country.
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this is a fox news alert. violent system ripping across the country. right now tornado watches are in effect in the chicago area and parts of 8 states. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the storm. rick? >> we have got a really dangerous night in store greta. take a look at generally this time of year we would have seen 245 tornadoes. we have only seen 73 so far so it's been very veryeth quiet and people not prepared realizing we are
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getting into the peak of tornado season. get into april that spikes up. you take a look at temperature map and see exactly what's going on. 82 degrees in st. louis and go to the other side of the state it's 50 degrees and in between those two air masses that's where we have all of these tornado watches in effect. you see the red here tornado watches down across parts of arkansas louisiana texas. more likely to see strong winds and some very large hail. it's the tornadoes, obviously that can be most destructive here and take a look at these warnings we have got going on. just to the north of davenport a tornado cut through i 70. rockford area right now take cover. down to the north of st. louis that one was a tornado now it is no longer. i think we could see that recycle. just around the ann arbor area headed toward detroit. we have very big cities chicago later on tonight getting in on some of this potentially large cities dallas as well right now under severe thunderstorm watch. same goes for little rock.
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many of our big cities right across the central part of the country right now. tornado concerns all the way down to the south. but the bulls eye of it tonight is going to be right here where you see this orange. we could be seeing some large and potentially longer lasting tornadoes. nor destructive that right there is the one that's going to cut in to the north of the chicago area likely and maybe towards milwaukee. here is where a threat is today extended threat and tomorrow, greta, we still have this, going down into texas it, moves to the south and into the mid-atlantic. so washington d.c., richmond, charlotte, raleigh all of those
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>> what's that? >> i got my license. >> okay, let's start with your license. >> the reason for the stop is your brake light is out. >> all right. be right back with you. >> got to stay in the car. >> obviously the video does not show the actual deadly shooting. and straight ahead. going back on nuclear deal, what will happen top a u.s. marine languishing in an iranian prison? you will hear from a marine who served with marine amir hekmati next.
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we do we what we promise. we leave no soldier behind. >> me and fellow marines want to see him come home. >> amir put his life on the country. >> isn't it our obligation to bring this marine and other american citizens home. >> >> this is a president who is prepared to trade five terrorists at gitmo for bowe bergdahl and yet this man who has been -- has served in iraq still languishing in prison. >> we should be saying every day at the top of our lungs, at the top of the buildings bring amir home. >> for three and a half years this man has been tortured. this is a former marine and that's the reason they are doing this. >> you know about this. one of our marines amir hekmati is languishing is a dangerous iranian prison and news today that iran's leaders are already going back on their word on the nuclear deal. what are the chances of getting them to agree to
11:30 pm
release our marine? amir hekmati's fellow marines are demanding he be freed right now. sergeant gabriel justice swerved hekmati he joins us. good evening, sir. >> hello greta. thank you for having me. how are you? >> i'm very well. >> so when did you first meet amir? >> i met amir in 2002 when i came to the united states from saudi arabia to join the united states marine corps and we met at di in 2002. we were both 18 years old. >> and you developed a friendship? >> our friendship evolved from there. i came -- never lived in america joined the marine corps was stationed at dli and him and i got really close over there we became fast friends. we both came from similar background and culture. i was having culture shock just being in america let alone being in the marine corps and amir held me. we have been best friends ever since. we stayed connected even after our service in iraq. and it was just walking me
11:31 pm
through -- i called him my dictionary to everything american. when i first learned about taxes, he explained to me what taxes were when i thought someone was stealing from me. when i got stopped by the police and they were asking me for license and registration and insurance i don't know what insurance was. he walked me through being a u.s. citizen and also facilitated that bridging process that i needed to be a marine, also. >> so what are your thoughts about him sitting in iranian prison tonight? >> i can tell you what, greta the past three and a half years has been some of the most painful i have ever had to live in my life. amir is not just a u.s. citizen, he is my warrior brother, united states marine. i'm absolutely appalled and i am discussed disgusted with our president for his lack of effort in getting him back. i don't think that a president that can sit back and watch a -- any u.s. citizen, let alone a veteran, combat veteran who has served honorably four years deployed to iraq, put
11:32 pm
his life on the line, came back and has the president that will turn his back on him for three and a half years allowing him to sit in a prison, get tortured, getting drugged getting beaten and whipped and not do anything is just beyond me. and then furthermore to add insult to injury, moving into negotiation discussion with said country sitting face to face with these people and his accomplice john kerry sitting at these negotiating tables playing footy with iran in switzerland while amir is sitting there getting tortured for three and a half years i think is despicable. i have a lot to say about that. >> you know, i know you are not alone. montel is going to be joining us in a second. amir has also got a lot of fellow marines who are friends, doesn't he? a lot who feel just like you do. >> absolutely. and you know what you? mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. we need to get him home. is he a united states marine first and foremost is he a u.s. citizen, born
11:33 pm
in arizona. raised in michigan, served four honorable years, greta we were young. we were 18 years old doing the best that we can serving our country wanting to do something honorable. being a part of a nation that takes pride. we come back to that and our president is going to let us sit in a jail cell for three and a half years. i take that very, very personally. not to mention that could have happened to me. i had a conversation with amir before he went to iran. and we discussed this back and forth communication with the iranian government and with the u.s. government and he assured me that everything was on the up and up. he was very honest about his service. he told both sides about his intentions. to visit his dying grandmother wanting to reconnect with extended family members over there. see his homeland and he told me over the phone, he said, gabriel, i love my country, america. i am iranian and i have pride in that also. i want to go and visit iran. i urged him not to. i told him that's not a good
11:34 pm
idea, don't forget, you are a u.s. marine and first and foremost, are you sure? and he assured me was going to be okay and then we got the news. >> gabriel, thank you very much for joining us i hope we can get him out soon thank you as well for your service. thank you, gabriel. >> you're welcome. thank you, greta. i appreciate you. >> and our next guest has been fighting for amir hekmati's release. marine veteran talk who he host you all know him montel williams joins us. when you listen to sergeant gabriel justice when he talks about his friend amir it really breaks your heart doesn't it? >> it breaks my heart because greta, as we sit here and talk about our angst and anger over this deal with iran, you know we are getting ready to figure out how we have to put troops on the ground or use u.s. troops to go and continue this effort if necessary. i'm going to ask you the question. who is going to inlist? who is going to serve in those ranks when we find out that we treat our soldiers this way after they serve the country that way. i'm in nashville tennessee.
11:35 pm
there are 900000 people dessended on the city for nra convention. i have got to tell you something. i have been walking around for two days. i can't make more than four steps before someone walks up it me and grabs my hand and says thank you, montel for standing um for our soldiers because in this midst of 90000 people. i'm going to guarantee you there is 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 veterans. some marine and air force. i'm hearing from every branch of the service. i'm hearing from elected officials. i have been only been here for 12 hours, i'm telling you i have spoken to over 100 people. why? because we have some patriots here at the nra who are disgusted with the fact that we will let our marine suffer the way he is suffering when we know that the people who are responsible for suffering are nothing but liars and going to continue to do so. so we have got to do something to get this man out. >> what county viewers do to help montel? >> we have got a couple things we have got to do. one, i really need you. look, last week, greta, between you and i i think there were 18 million likes
11:36 pm
about what we were talking about. we have got to get more people fired up, you have got to send an email off right now. send a text, tweet, you know, bring up #free amir right now. free amir now. do that right this minute. i also have to say something to those out there. there have been a couple people who despickably have used amir's name to set up false web sites to raise money. i have got to clear this up because i have spoken to the family. please, everyone out there listen to me. the only official web site to donate money to amir's cause is at give forward slash amir. >> give amir. do not give money to anybody. i find it despicable that somebody would actually try to steal money at this time when this man and this family need so much. >> montel it, let me ask you about something else.
11:37 pm
more bad news for american veterans tonight it looks like the obama administration at least as far as the va hospital that we had hoped so many things would be done for the va hospitals but according to a report things are as usual. >> you can go and look at the tape from neil cavuto a month and a half ago i said i guarantee you i will be back talking about this in two months because it wasn't getting done two months ago. we have been hood wick winked yet again. in the last nine months i have got the numbers right here 894,000 appointments from august 1st, 2014, to february 28th, 2015, failed to meet the v.a. time standards of having appointment made in 30 days. the majority were 60 days appointments and some went as far as 90 days. this is an abomination. the bigger abomination,
11:38 pm
you've got to understand. this is the v.a.? wait until you find out what's going on with our active duty soldiers? do you know our active duty soldiers can have anywhere from a week to two week delay in getting doctor appointment? active duty. >> montel i will tell you when i woke up this morning and saw the ap story i just about fell over. a year later it has not improved. i have got to go. >> thank you much. >> called unprecedented attack in the history of television. attackers taking over major tv network and social media isis arrest not in iraq, in the midwest. the latest plus wisconsin governor and potential presidential candidate scott walker is here to respond to president obama's snarky remark to him.
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qulimming to belong to isis seeking control of france's network. tv correspondent catherine joins us live. what happened? >> it was completely
11:43 pm
unexpected greta. at about 10:00 last night, paris time, the owners of the -- all the people operating at tv 5 here in paris suddenly noticed that system after system started to go down at the tv station. they lost 11 of their tv channels. they lost their email, web site and all their social media network. it was so unprecedented even they hadn't been ready for it it all their files had been up to date. they had been checked very recently. then there were messages being put on the facebook the part i think that's really got people concerned because they have been broadcasting information about relatives of french troops who are serving in the international coalition against isis. this is particularly worrying for the french ministry of defense. they don't know how they got this information. certainly in the last couple of hours greta.
11:44 pm
the minister's culture has gotten together with 20 different representatives of media representatives here in paris. got them together and said everyone now has got to work together to try and prevent any type of attack like this happening again. because there has been little pinpricks, little type of attacks on certain web sites nothing as big and extensive as, this greta? >> catherine, thank you. and it isn't just france tonight. news of wisconsin man under arrest accused of trying to join isis. fox milwaukee reporter joins us. >> federal officials have been tracking this guy for quite some time in a criminal complaint just unsealed this morning they say that joshua vanhaff ten was headed to turkey he made it to turkey. his intent was to go to syria to join isis. he was posting on facebook and that's how federal officials followed him. he apparently posted on his intent to join the violent jihad. he also posted messages to his friends back in the
11:45 pm
states back in wisconsin telling them that he was wanted to end this life and was willing to do something courageous to do that. now, they followed him, he was ready to go to from istanbul to syria. however, turkish immigration officials got to him first and last night he was brought back to chicago o'hare international airport and handed over to the fbi here. he has a track record here in wisconsin. he has got a 1999 second degree sexual assault of a child conviction. >> myra, thank you very much. and up next wisconsin governor scott walker goes "on the reco do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace
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. wisconsin governor potential presidential candidate scott walker about
11:50 pm
to go "on the record." you will hear his swipe from president obama. >> i am confident that any president who gets elected will be knowledgeable enough about foreign policy and knowledgeable enough about traditions and precedence of presidential power that they won't start calling to question the capacity of the executive branch of the united states to enter into agreements with other countries. if that starts being being questioned that's going to be a problem for our friends and that's going to embolden our enemies and it would be a foolish approach to take and, you know perhaps mr. walker, after he has taken some time to bone up on foreign policy will feel the same. >> and governor walker joins us. good evening, sir. why you? why did you get this swipe? was there maybe the question posed to him mentioned to you and secondly what do you think about that, that he tells you should bone up on
11:51 pm
foreign policy? >> well, this isn't the first time. the last couple months he has attacked me after signing right-to-work and attack big government special interest to put it in the hands of the taxpayers. now going after us here. i think he should spend more of us his time trying to figure out how to work with governors in both parties who have very serious concerns about the framework of his proposed deal with iran and i think it's remarkable that someone would suggest that when this is the same person president of the united states who just in the past year called isis the jv squad, yemen a success story something not only he called but his administration continues to claim. secretary of state under hillary clinton that actually gave russia a re-set button before much of the nonsense happened in the past several years. this is really surprising that someone would say something like this but i expect we will see more of this in the future. >> in light of where we are with iran. i know that you have not
11:52 pm
announce you are running for president. i'm sure you have seen the rumors right? that you are going to run for president? >> i have heard it, yes. >> what would you do about iran? >> well i think if there is a bad deal on the table we should walk away from it. i hope the president will do that far beyond just the next presidential election. as henry kissinger and george schultz pointed out in the "wall street journal" there is serious concern. it's not just people in the united states senate and both parties. it certainly is israel raising concerns as benjamin netanyahu has raised as prime minister. but talking to many of our other allies in the arab world in the gulf states in particular, there is real concern about why did we go in negotiations in the first place? why would we go down this path in the country that still has connections to terrorist actions around the world that has talked about pushing to enrich uranium, that won't completely disavow and disconnect themselves from having a nuclear weapon.
11:53 pm
and which has plenty of its own problems in terms of not only saying they want to completely take out israel, but whose supreme leader yet again responding to the people in that own country talking about rash actions against the united states. i think there are some very serious concerns i hope this deal will not go forward. i president pull back, certainly i think that would be in america's best interest. >> any governor that runs for president gets criticize dollars for not having foreign policy experience as if that isn't part of being the job of governor. governors do trade missions. i know you are going on a trade mission or have a discussion in germany soon. in terms of foreign policy isis and military and things like that. how does a governor learn or develop foreign policy? >> well, you do spend time doing research. part of it is just the passion of feeling deeply about this country. not just in terms of what your job responsibilities.
11:54 pm
issue meeting for some time. actually one of my national security advisors was one of the top aides for senator corker who now chairs the senate foreign affairs committee. someone who has been in the marine corps, been deployed. understands national security policy very well and then reaching out to folks. whether it's reaching out to general keene general mathis. general hayden. any other number ambassador to other parts of the world. even of late talking to ambassadors to the united states from other places. there are people of an active interest as well as over the years talking with george schultz, henry kissinger many others out there who have a wealth of knowledge and want to share that with people who want to reestablish america's place of leadership in the world again. governors understand what it means to lead. it's why ronald reagan was such a great president and why this president unfortunately first term senator, who has never had the ability to lead prior to now, as i think has been a large failure when it comes to national security and foreign policy. >> governor, nice to see you, and i'm sure you are
11:55 pm
mourning like i am the basketball game the other night. >> we are the badgers although when we are ready for the packers to bring the lombardi trophy back home again. >> on to football, yes. thank you. governor, thank you, sir. we'll be right back. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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this is a fox news alert. a guard has been shot at the headquarters in maryland. the shooter is still on the loose. right now the fbi is rushing to the scene. stay with fox news for more on this breaking news. thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. by the way who should be on "times" 100 list this year the most influential? jill tahmooressi. give this mother of the recognition she diseefertion. tweet your vote. #time 100 with #jill cam reissy. that's all you have to do or find out more on this is the last day to do
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it. do it right now. she has done so much to influence mexico, the united states, she got her son out of that prison. good for her. she has got influence. good night from washington d.c. i will see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern right here. previously on "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm rob long. >> that guy that did that stuff. >> hosting the show for free cable. >> he is so cool. >> i have no doubt that that is 100% true. >> you should try to get on a cereal box or something. >> now the thrilling conclusion. >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everybody. let's welcome our guests. she will intoxicate you with her beauty and wit and then steal your kidney. i am hear with joanne nosuchunsky. his favorite yoga pose is cat scratch fever. >> really? >> for real. and he used to drive a taxi and now he can


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